Aesthetic non-surgical cosmetic treatments are not just about a perception people may have about terrifying appearances of aging celebrities. Aesthetic procedures can have a life -changing for some individuals.

It is a fact that experiencing improvement in facial appearance is a major factor associated with how people see themselves and how they are perceived by others. It is a major contributor to our confidence and self-esteem.

Irina believes in providing individualised and person -centred approach to meet client expectations and advise clients on suitable options to achieve natural results.

Irina values importance of every client comfort and safety. Her aim is to leave all clients leaving feeling beautiful, confident and best version of themselves.

The best investment you can make is in your skin health. We offer treatments appropriate to each individual combining: wrinkle relaxing injections, derma fillers, skin rejuvenation treatments including medical grade ZO Skin Health programmes as well as micro-needling procedure to stimulate collagen and elastin.


Irina offers results driven , unique and exclusive skincare programmes ZO SKIN HEALTH by Dr Obagi for skin concerns such as Acne, Pigmentation, Rosacea and  general signs of dehydrated and dull skin.

To ensure optimum results and longevity with injectable cosmetic treatments correct daily skincare routine is Essential to everyone who is committed to achieve healthy looking skin. Irina always advises clients during consultations on correct skincare routine  and works closely with GetHarley skin concierge by creating individual skincare plans .

ZO Skin Health formulations  have been developed by renowed scientists and offer new formulations that represent the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bio-engineered complexes and exclusive formulations.


All make up will need to be removed prior to treatment, so please come ‘fresh faced’ if possible. Alcohol, aspirin, Ibuprofen and a range of dietary supplements
including; St. John’s Wort, fish oils, Gingko Biloba, Vitamins C and E- may all contribute to bruising and are best avoided 24 hours before treatment. Treatment cannot be administered if there is an active skin infection, including acne or cold sores or if you are unwell- including colds, coughs, sore throats etc.

Do contact the clinic to discuss any illness or new medicines prior to attending.


Aim of treatment:

The aim of the licensed treatment is to significantly reduce the movement of the muscles causing expression lines (dynamic lines) specifically the frown and crow’s feet and worry lines on the brow may also be treated as an ‘off label indication. Successful treatment may not cause the expression lines themselves to disappear completely. It may not ‘completely freeze’ the expression, particularly if extreme effort is exerted to make an expression.

Botulinum toxin is not suitable for lines present without expression (static lines), your practitioner will advise you. There a few licensed brands of neurotoxin which are used in aesthetic medicine . The most known brands are BOTOX, AZZALURE and BOCOUTURE .

Advanced and off-label indications include; horizontal brow lines, lip lines, chin ‘popping’, muscles on the lower face and neck, to lift the mouth corners, improve the jaw line and the appearance of the neck. The ‘chewing muscle’ may also be treated to soften a square jaw or to prevent teeth grinding or jaw clenching at

Procedure Details
Procedure time: 60 minutes
Results after 2 weeks , maintenance advisable every 3-4 months
Duration of results: approximately 4-6months, varies from individual to individual
Recovery time: can return back to work

Price starts from £180 – please email for more information


How Does it Work?

Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers are a clear sterile gel in a syringe for injection into the skin providing instant correction. Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds water in the skin, providing volume and hydration, but also ‘cushioning’ and supporting collagen and elastin fibres and providing a medium, or carrier, for chemical messages between the cells.

Aim of treatment

  • To correct or enhance facial contours; cheeks, temples, jawline, nose, chin.
  • To define, correct or enhance lips
  • To soften and correct facial wrinkles or folds
  • To restore lost volume in hands to reduce the appearance of veins and tendons
  • To improve the tone, texture and hydration of the skin.

Procedure Details
Procedure time 60- 90 minutes
Results immediate- maximum at 2 weeks time, maintenance advisable
Duration of results 6 -9 months
Recovery time 2 days mainly due to swelling and redness, varies from individual to individual

Price starts from £200 – please email for more information


Profhilo is an exclusive award winning skin remodelling treatment designed for individuals with ageing skin that lacking volume and elasticity. By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin through the slow release of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Profhilo significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to increase hydration and firmness across the face.

Profhilo is injected just below the skin’s surface. It is recommended that 2 sessions over a period of 4-week period are performed. Once injected it spreads quickly across the skin to instantly boost hydration.

Profhilo is not a filler -it is a new Hyaluronic Acid gel, one of the latest innovations to treat the skin laxity by skin – re-modelling.

It is actually complimenting all other aesthetic or cosmetic procedures by significantly improving the skin quality.

Procedure Details
Procedure time :40-45 minutes
Results visible: after 4 weeks, best results after 8 weeks following 2 sessions.
Duration of results: 4-6 months, maintenance advisable every 4 months
Downtime around 1-2 days, varies from individual to individual

Price per session £350 – please email for more information


Exclusive formula contains hyaluronic acid and a specific cluster of amino acids.

Combination of Medium/High density Hyaluronic Acid with Low Density H such as Sunekos 200 and Sunekos 1200 which is a thicker material.

A specific technique is required to achieve a correct result called RIFT- Reverse Interstitial Fluid Technique. This technique creates ‘scaffold’ through the cushioning.
Immediate voluminizing effect created. RIFT technique helps to distribute the product on the centreface area and to stimulates the Neo-Regeneration of Extra Cellular Matrix.
Sunekos is performed in areas of depletion and emptying of volume.
Excellent treatment for clients who have dehydrated skin and is cautions of derma fillers.

It restores the biological functions of the dermis and natural youthful look of the skin.
Visible effects of skin texture and elasticity
Antiaging action
Deep hydration, promotes radiant and smooth skin
Reduces appearance of dark circles and improves appearance of under eye bags.
Clinical evidence of bio-revolumetric effect
Plumping activity and filling efficacy
Improves appearance of wrinkles and expression lines
It is not a derma filler and does not carry the same risks associated with derma filler injections

Procedure Details
Procedure time: 60 minutes
Results: best after full course of 4 treatments
Duration of results: 4-6 months, maintenance advisable
Recovery time: 2 days, varies from individual to individual

Price starts from £250 per session – please email for more information


Micro needling- collagen stimulating treatment.

We use Raffine micro-needling device which is a state of art device designed for professional use only.

The treatment is a form of collagen induction therapy where a series of needles penetrate the skin using a specialist medical device. This procedure leads to increased collagen production, which effectively repairs scars, Acne Scars, reduce Pigmentation  and renews tired looking and dull skin.
Selection of serum infusions is specifically selected for every clients needs.

Procedure Details
Procedure time: 60 minutes ( advised to compete 4-6 sessions for best results )
Results: immediate, best after full course
Duration of results: 4-6 months, maintenance advisable
Recovery time: 2 days, varies from individual to individual

Price starts at £150 per session – please email for more information

06. AQUAGOLD ~ micro-infusion for glowing skin

Gold Micro- Infusion Facial , Clinical Luxury. Feed your skin from within! AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch is a revolutionary patented micro-infusion device to provide a truly customised luxury skincare treatment for your patients. The micro- channelling device is Medical CE marked and FDA registered. Only Licensed injectors can offer the Aquagold Fine Touch.

Target your skin goals – feed and nourish your skin with this supercharged micro- infusion Aquagold facial with a blend of specially selected ingredients! Expertly tailored for the ultimate personalised facial experience. Treat yourself to a luxury 24 carat gold facial from your local Aquagold certified clinician.

Procedure Details
Procedure time: 60 minutes
Results: immediate, best after full course
Duration of results: 4-6 months, maintenance advisable
Recovery time: 2 days, varies from individual to individual

Price starts at £300 per session – please email for more information